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Orange Foundation annual report 2014

Education and integration

  • Digital technology
  • Basic access to education
  • Initiatives for women


  • Autism
  • Initiatives for women

Vocal music

  • Music for all
  • Discovering young ensembles
  • National impact through festivals

Employee Involvement

  • Orange Solidarity: the digital ONG
  • Volunteers for people with autism (VA)
  • Calls for solidairity projects
  • Skills philanthropy

Major public initiatives

  • Nuit de la Voix 2014
  • The ITASD international conference
  • The Women For Change Prize
  • Orange Sings
  • Volunteering Week
  • Orange Foundation Seminar

Key figures for 2014


2015 Orange Foundation brochure

Digital education our priority
The digital solidarity foundation in 30 countries
Digital education

  • 1. Solidarity FabLabs
  • 2. Together for youth integration
  • 3. Digital schools
  • 4. Women’s digital centers

Using digital technology to benefit healthcare and culture
Orange villages


2013 annual report

Education and professional integration

  • Digital technology serving education and training in France
  • Access to basic education, digital education and professional integration abroad


  • Autism in France
  • Autism abroad
  • Access to healthcare abroad


  • Music in France
  • Access to culture abroad

Emergency assistance abroad
Employee commitment

  • Volunteering
  • Support for projects proposed by employees

Skills philantropy

2013 Key figures


2013/2014 Orange Foundation brochure

promoting interaction, dialogue and sharing,
because we all need to live together

education and vocational training




2012 annual report

education and vocational training
  • in France
  • abroad:
    digital solidarity in education, health and access to culture - access to education for children and especially young girls - vocational training and adult literacy programmes.


  • autism: in France - in Europe
  • access to basic medical care


  • music in France
  • access to culture abroad

emergency solidarity abroad

employee involvement

  • support for employees’ projects
  • employee volunteering activities

skills philanthropy