Our ambition

With digital being the core of the Orange Group’s business and solidarity our raison d’être as a Foundation, we have made digital solidarity the guiding principle for our philanthropic initiatives in the 30 countries where we are present.

At the Orange Foundation we work so that everyone can live better and live better together. We know that new technologies have a part to play, so we are making new technologies are our priority.

Digital education: our priority

From the innovative educational spaces of the solidarity Fablabs, to digital schools all over the world, we are using digital to train, to expand horizons and to build professionalism.


Training the young people of France, providing resources to schools and improving the economic status of women in Africa.


Digital technology and health

We equip and support treatment centres with new technologies to help people who are suffering from illnesses or conditions such as autism.


Fighting autism at every level in France and Europe, offering universal access to healthcare in developing countries.


Investing in culture

As the leading sponsor of opera broadcasts, we make the most famous works accessible in over 300 film theatres.


Supporting young artists and democratising culture.


Employee commitment

Our strength lies also with the commitment of our employee volunteers who share some of their time and skills with others.


The Orange Foundation also offers:

The Orange Foundation also offers the commitment of 7,000 volunteers from the Orange Group and over 1,000 Orange employees serving as skills mentors.


Projects to meet local needs

Working alongside Group entities established in the countries, we could not be more closely involved with local populations. We can adapt to the context to provide stronger social and community bonds as we work with health, disability, education and culture.
We can also step up in emergency situations, providing food aid, distributing medicine, equipment and more.