Nicolas Genevée, a developer who knows how to develop

Digital education - France

Nicolas Genevée, age 29, joined the Orange Group in 2011 after earning a technical university diploma (DUT) as a Developer and holding several temporary positions. He works as a local application developer on the Orange Wholesale France site in Besançon. A colleague there introduced him to Orange Solidarité. Volunteering was nothing new to Nicolas: he had served as the secretary of the Student Association at his IUT and had helped Les Amis de l’Espoir raise funds for different children’s charities for 2 years.


bénévole Orange solidarité ateliers


Since 2015, every Monday evening from 6 to 7:30 he and 2 or 3 colleagues have run introductory IT workshops on the Orange site in Besançon. The goal is to teach people, some of whom have never even touched a computer, learn to use a PC, use word-processing software, send emails with attachments, and more. The programme and materials are provided in part by Orange Solidarité, but the volunteers often take a more personalised approach to answering the participants’ questions, based on their exact level and needs.

For example, the current group has more experience so they were able to go through the first part of the course very quickly. The sessions run for 6 weeks, so the volunteers can provide relatively long-term support to the participants. Orange Solidarité also offers personalised tutoring by employees through the skills philanthropy programme. The classes, with groups of 8-10 participants, allow the volunteers to take the time to respond individually to everyone’s questions.


Nicolas digital workshop Orange Solidarité


Nicolas, who is at home with new technologies, saw the workshops as a great way to share his knowledge. While it can be hard to work with beginners, it’s rewarding to see certain participants’ curiosity and how others progress in a matter of weeks. The true wealth of this activity lies in the diversity of the participants.

Sharing and dialogue are the reasons Nicolas is continuing the adventure.