Call for Projects « Digital educational contents »

Digital Education is a major area of support of the Orange Foundation.

The Orange Foundation is launching a “Digital educational contents” call for projects. The contents should help two target populations : young people ages 16 to 25 years old, that have difficulties in school or in finding a job, and women in vulnerable situations that are unemployed.


Digital educational contents


This program’s aim is to strengthen and enhance our platform which proposes educational content in digital format on the following themes: (non-exhaustive list)


  • Basic contents from primary to secondary classes (kindergarten to high school diploma ; French and English)
  • Literacy for adults (French only)
  • Learning FLE (French as foreign language)

Digital Training:

  • Basic Digital Skills
  • Digital Programming
  • The jobs in the Digital world
  • Collaborative platforms

Professional integration (Europe)

  • Professional orientation
  • The discovery of today’s professions
  • How to behave in a company
  • Create a CV and better prepare for a job interview
  • Job searching on the Internet
  • The use of social networks
  • Business start-ups

Training on the management of Revenue Generating Activities (Africa)

  • Entrepreneurial Basic training (basic accounting, basic of marketing…)
  • Basic use of digital tools (must be available in French and if possible in English)

The world of the FabLabs (What is it for, how does it work…)

  • Creation of objects using digital technology …
  • Training on FabLab tools
  • Basic IT programming (Ruby, Java)
  • Transformation of traditional jobs using digital technology


The main selection criteria

  • The contents have to be disruptive, dynamic, interactive and fun. Example : Learning games
  • The contents must be available on-line and off-line ( The off-line version must be compatible with the Raspberry Pi 2 platform)
  • The contents must be Open Source
  • The use of the contents must be free of charge and open to everyone
  • The contents must be in French and in English (possibility to add other languages in the future)
  • The contents must have an educational and training goal


Post your projects between February 1st, 2016 and April 15th, 2016 by completing the on-line questionnaire and attaching the description of your project (that includes the detailed budget for the project and the timeline).