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  • The Correspondances ensemble

    The Correspondances ensemble

    Artistic Director: Sébastien Daucé The Correspondances ensemble, created in 2008, focuses on late 17th century sacred music. Composer Marc-Antoine Charpentier is central to its work: only half of...

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  • Cappella Mediterranea

    Cappella Mediterranea

    Artistic Director: Leonardo Garcia Alarcón Cappella Mediterranea, founded in 2005 by Leonardo Garcia Alarcón, seeks to return to the roots of the aesthetic ideals of the great musicians of...

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  • The Aedes vocal ensemble

    The Aedes vocal ensemble

    Artistic Director: Matthieu Romano The Aedes ensemble, founded in 2005 by Matthieu Romano, performs both major and minor works from the choral repertoire of the past five centuries, including...

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    FEVIS is a professional organisation of 123 musical ensembles, whose repertoires range from Medieval to Contemporary. In 2013 it undertook the colossal project of creating an online portal for...

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  • Jazz Nomades La Voix est Libre

    Jazz Nomades La Voix est Libre

    Artistic Director: Blaise Merlin Every year at the Bouffes du Nord in Paris and, depending on the year, in other cities like Toulouse, Annecy, Calais and Beirut, dance, music, and popular and...

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